Our people

Chief Investigator

James Boardman

Chief Investigator at the Thierworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort
Professor Boardman’s goal is to develop and evaluate neuroprotective strategies for fetuses and neonates at risk of brain injury and poor neurodevelopmental outcome.

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Sue Fletcher-Watson

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Mark Bastin

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Siddharthan Chandran

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Amanda Drake

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Margaret Evans

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Sarah Stock

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Fiona Denison Profile Picture

Fiona Denison

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Rebecca Reynolds

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Scott Semple Profile Picture

Scott Semple

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Donald Davidson

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Jurgen Schwarze Profile Picture

Jürgen Schwarze

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Debbie Bogaert

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Richard Chin Profile Picture

Richard Chin

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Alan Quigley

Department of Radiology, Royal Hospital for Sick Children

Alan Mulvihill

The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion

Kristin Skogstrand

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Hilary Richardson Profile Pic

Hilary Richardson

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CRH Centre Staff

Geoff Carlson Profile Picture

Geoffrey Carlson

MRC CRH Centre Manager
Karen Witherspoon Profile Picture

Karen Witherspoon

MRC CRH Centre Administrator

Scientific Advisory Board

Mrs Bavanthi Navarathne

Professor David Porteous

Professor Jurgen Schwarze

Professor Siddharthan Chandran

Professor Frances Cowan

Dr Chiara Nosarti

Dr Heather Whalley

Research Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Rozi in a lab coat in a laboratory

Rozalia Pataky

Sarah Profile Picture

Sarah Sparrow

Emma Profile Picture

Emma Telford

Manuel Profile picture

Manuel Blesa Cábez

Post Doc Fellow
Vix Profile Picture

Vix Monnelly

Gemma Sullivan Profile Picture

Gemma Sullivan

Bethan Dean Profile Picture

Bethan Dean

David Stoye Profile Picture

David Stoye

Emily Wheater Profile Picture

Emily Wheater

Sinead OCarroll Profile Picture

Sinead O'Carroll

Lorena Sanchez profile pic

Lorena Jiménez Sánchez

(2020 - 2023)
Paola Galdi Profile Picture

Paola Galdi

Post Doc Fellow
Profile Picture

Lorna Ginnell


Other Staff

Amy Corrigan

Research Midwife
Sinead OCarroll Profile Picture

Sinead O'Carroll

Jill Hall Profile Picture

Jill Hall

Study Co-ordinator and member of Study Management Group